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Medical Weight Loss

Prescription Medication Management 

Changing Your Relationship With Food

Healthy food

Let's Talk About Weight...

Select From Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly or Telehealth Options.

Woman & Doctor

Hands On Guidance

The three components of medical weight-loss are:

Lifestyle Changes:

Learn your metobolic rate and the importance of nutrition and exercise

Expertise Medical Guidance:

Guidance by experts in weight management from start to end

Prescription Medications:

Semaglutide, other FDA approved anti-obesity medications

Why Choose A Better You:

  • Consult with weight loss experts.
  • Work with you insurance carrier for medication coverage
  • Prescription medications monitored by medical experts.
  • Visit with medical professional on a regular basis.
  • Now offering TELEHEALTH services for weight loss. 
Alternative Medicine

Why Medication?

    Understanding weight gain is complicated with many variables and losing weight is much harder than eating less and exercising more.  Weight loss medications primarily work by reducing your appetite and food cravings so you stop thinking about food. This allows you to make healthier food choices. 


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